Sustainable Living

It is important to us that the Roundhouse is sustainable, so it is ‘off-grid’ and supports the environment and local people wherever possible!

Supporting the environment

– The structure is constructed using predominantly local Welsh larch.
– The water is natural UV filtered spring water.
– Heating is provided by a wood burner stove, using wood from the adjacent woodland.
– We’ve planted two wildflower meadows to support local wildlife.
– All toiletries and cleaning products used are environmentally friendly.
– Wastewater filters away using a natural greywater system.
– A compost toilet saves water, and we promise it doesn’t smell!
– Recycling and general composting are provided. 
– We have sourced local materials and have upcyled much of the furniture, to reduce our carbon footprint.
– We are actively supporting Friends of Hutton Roof Crags.
– We will be considering the effect on the environment for all decisions we make. Some compromises will be inevitable, but we are doing our best to make the Roundhouse as sustainable as we can.

A wind-sculpted tree overlooking Morecambe Bay near our glamping site

Supporting local people

– Fron Farm Yurts built the structure; they are a small Welsh family business:…
– Local specialists worked with us to finish the build including: Richard Blacker (Builder), John Ladell (Plumber), Daniel Shepherd (Joiner) and Steve Matthews (General Handyman)
– We sourced many of the fixtures and fittings from local charity shops and local people. So far over £500 has been donated to local charities
– We are supporting Whin Yeats Farm, through purchasing goods from Whin Yeats Dairy and promoting all the farm has to offer.

We have made links with our two local wildlife charities, who organise a range of conservation activities that you may like to take part in:

Cumbria Wildlife Trust – beach cleans & conservation work parties:…

Butterfly Conservation – monitoring & conservation work parties:…

We are also actively supporting the recently formed Friends of Hutton Roof Crags.